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Decendants of Francis MCGINNIS

Francis McGinnis, b. circa 1740 (Ireland?), died 1803, Westmoreland Co., PA, m. Rebecca Jane unknown, b. circa 1750, d. May 9, 1868, Spencer, Owen Co., IN, m. Mar 28, 1775, PA

William, b. Dec 5, 1782, McKeesport, Westmoreland Co., PA

David b. 1777, m. Elizabeth

David McGinnis, b.1817, VA
Francis McGinnis, b. 1818

David, b. 1817, m. Ann

Jane E. McGinnis, b. 1847
Ann E. McGinnis, b. 1849

Francis McGinnis, b. 1818, m. Mary

DeWitt B. McGinnis, b. 1841
Mariah C. McGinnis, b. 1843
David W. McGinnis, b. 1848
Margaret McGinnis (Francis1), b. 1780, Westmoreland Co., PA, d. Dec 1840, m. David McLean, b. 1780, Ireland, d. 1848

One Female McLean
Two McLean
Three McLean
Elizabeth M. McLean, b. Apr 15, 1815
Five McLean
Six McLean
Seven McLean

Elizabeth McLean, (Francis McGinnis1, Margaret McGinnis2), b. Apr 15, 1815, d. 1908, m. Jacob Huy, Oct 2, 1834, Alleghentown, PA, USA

Children: Elizabeth Huy
Henry Huy
Margaret Huy
Ann Huy
** William McGinnis, b. Dec 5, 1782, McKeesport, Westmoreland Co., PA, USA, died Mar 7, 1854, Oldtown, Greenup Co., KY, USA, m. Jane Brown, b. Mar 22, 1798, near Bath Co., on the Licking River, KY, m. Oct 25, 1819, Bath Co., KY

Mariah McGinnis, b. Oct 24, 1818
Benjamin Franklin McGinnis, b. Jan 16, 1820
Ruben McGinnis, b. Nov 22, 1821
James Harvey McGinnis, b. Oct 6, 1823
Rachel McGinnis, b. Mar 7, 1825
David McGinnis, b. Jul 24, 1829
John McGinnis, b. Feb 2, 1831
Thomas McGinnis, b. May 4, 1832
Stephen McGinnis, b. Feb 12, 1833
Nancey Brown McGinnis, b. 1835
Elzey Virgin McGinnis, b. Jan 5, 1837
Caroline Ann McGinnis, b. Jan 5, 1841
Mariah McGinnis (Francis1, William2) m. Byram Ramey

Fiddlea Ramey, b. 1837
Emsey E. Ramey, b. 1839
Mary J. Ramey, b. 1842
Monteville Ramey, b. 1844
Franklin Ramey, b. 1846
Melvina Ramey, b. 1848
Rachel Ramey, b. July 27, 1852, Greenup Co. KY

Fiddlea Ramey, (Francis1, William2, Mariah3), m. Isaac Carroll, Apr 21, 1858 Emsey E. Ramey, (Francis1, William2, Mariah3), m. John G. Kennedy, Mar 29, 1869
Benjamin Franklin McGinnis, (Francis1, William2) b. Jan 16, 1820, d. Tygarts Creek, Carter Co., KY, m. Clarinda Borroughs Davis, b. 1841, Carter Co., KY, d. 1903, Tygarts Creek, Carter Co., KY, m. Mar 2, 1874, Carter Co., KY

Arthur McGinnis
Nancy Jane Davis McGinnis, b. 1867
William Lee McGinnis, b. Jul 10, 1876
J. McGinnis, b. 1877
Etta Dell McGinnis, b. 1879

Note: During the Civil War Benjamin Franklin (Frank) was shot clean through with a revolver. He recovered and lived a long life.

Nancy Jane Brown McGinnis (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3), b. 1867, m. William Curtis Druzan, b. 1859, Carter Co., KY, Dec 27, 1883, Carter Co., KY
William Lee McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3), b. Jan 10, 1876, d. Feb 26, 1908, Greenup Co., KY, m. Spicey Colley, b. 1878, Henry Co., KY, d. Feb 1913, Greenup Co., KY., m. on May 16, 1900, Carter Co., KY

Clifford J. McGinnis, b. Feb 19, 1901
Alma McGinnis, b. 1903
Lucy McGinnis, b. 1905
Vernon McGinnis, b. 1907

Clifford J. McGinnis (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3, William Lee4), b. Feb 19, 1901, d. Jan 28, 1990, Greenup Co., KY, m. Lula H. unknown, b. 1917,
Alma McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3, William Lee4) b. 1903, Carter Co., KY, m. Corbet William Glore, b. Oct 19, 1890, Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY, d. Sep 30, 1958, VA Hospital, Huntington, Wayne Co., WV.

Hazel June Montgomery b. 1926 (1st husband Willard Montgomeryb. 1902, d. 1926)
William Glore
Cecila Glore, b. 1942

Hazel June Montgomery (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3, William Lee4, Alma5) b. 1926, m. Bruce Walton Porter, b. Dec 19, 1922, Carter Co., KY

Roy Edward Porter, b. 1947
Marlene Porter, b. 1949
Helen Ruth Porter, 1952B
William Glore (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3, William Lee4, Alma5), m. Betty

William Glore, III
Cecile Glore (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3, William Lee4, Alma5), m. Ted Eckman
Vernon McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3William Lee4) b. 1907, m. Emma Wilson

Fern McGinnis
Etta Dell McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Benjamin3) b. 1879, m. Robert Elam, b.1873, Morgan Co., KY, m. on Sep 18, 1896, Carter Co., KY

Roxie Elam
Ruben McGinnis (Francis1, William2), b. Nov 22, 1821, Greenup Co., KY, d. Mar 3, 1913, McDowell Creek, Lewis Co., KY, m. Martha Patsy Caroline Black, b. May 14, 1828, Mud Lick, Paintsville, Johnson Co., KY, d. 1907, m. on Dec 14, 1843, Greenup Co., KY.

William Jasper McGinnis, b. Jan 22, 1845
Infant McGinnis, Oct 2, 1846
Rebecca McGinnis, b. Sep 25, 1847
Rachel Mariah McGinnis, b. Oct 15, 1848
Clarinda McGinnis, b. Mar 11, 1851
Newton Lee McGinnis, Mar10, 1855
Alice Ginevera McGinnis, b. Jan 24, 1857
Daniel Franklin McGinnis, b. Sep 16, 1858
Sabra Ann McGinnis, b. Dec 20, 1861
Wionona Frances McGinnis, b. Apr 21, 1872

William Jasper McGinnis, (Fancis1, William2, Ruben3), b.Jan 22, 1845, Gesling, Carter Co, KY, USA, d. Jan 24, 1929, Portsmouth, Scioto Co, OH, USA, m. Matilda McCleese, b. May 02, 1843, Carter Co, KY, USA, d. Jan 01, 1919, Carter Co, KY, USA, on Oct 28, 1873, Carter Co, KY, USA.

Melvin Lowry McGinnis, b. March 24, 1868
Viola McGinnis, b. April 14, 1874
George Ellis Bud McGinnis, b. November 06, 1875
Bessie McGinnis, b. August 26, 1877
Bertha A. McGinnis, b. January 05, 1878
Thomas McGinnis, b. May 04, 1880
Ruben McGinnis, b. December 22, 1881
Finley J. McGinnis, b.
Rebecca Caroline McGinnis, b. January 19, 1885
Infant McGinnis, b. January 13, 1887
William Willie McGinnis, b. May 29, 1890

Melvin Lowry McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4) b. Mar 24, 1868, Greenup Co, KY, d. Feb 02, 1934, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. Elizabeth Hackworth, Lewis Co, KY, USA, on Dec 15, 1891, Carter Co, KY, USA.

George McGinnis
Viola McGinnis (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), b. Apr 14, 1874, Lewis Co, KY, USA, d. Mar 08, 1939, m. Henry Elliott Sexton, b. Oct 19, 1870, Salt Lick Creek, Lewis Co, KY, USA, d. Jun 25, 1933. m. on Jun 06, 1894.

James Harrison Sexton, b. Nov 09, 1894
Benjamin Franklin Sexton, Nov 27, 1896
Bessie Idora Sexton, Mar 27, 1899
Myrtle Caroline Sexton, Aug 27, 1900
Ollie Sexton, Feb 08, 1902
Joseph Sexton, Oct 02, 1903
Ralph Sexton, Aug 26, 1905
Matilda Sexton, Jul 09, 1907
Ruben Ellis Sexton, Jul 12, 1908
William Albert Sexton, May 29, 1911
Andrew Jackson Sexton, May 29, 1913
Walter Sherman Sexton, Aug 21, 1915
George Ellis Bud McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), b. Nov 06, 1875, McDowell Creek, Lewis Co, KY, USA, d. Aug 1938, Brushy Creek, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. Etta Elizabeth Jordan, b. 1886, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. on Jun 01, 1901, Carter Co, KY, USA.

Orval Jasper McGinnis, Aug 02, 1902
Willard Alford McGinnis, Dec 12, 1903
Chester Dallas McGinnis, May 24, 1906
Earl Winston McGinnis, Sep 04, 1908
Lovell McGinnis, Jan 10, 1911
Chloe McGinnis, Jan 16, 1912
Pearl McGinnis, 1915
Kale McGinnis, Jun 06, 1918
Olive McGinnis, Jun 06, 1920
Vernon McGinnis, Nov 10, 1922
William Alford Bob McGinnis, Apr 20, 1923
Kline McGinnis, Jun 19, 1925
Wayne McGinnis, Mar 05, 1927
Bessie McGinnis, b. Aug 26, 1877, d. Sep 27, 1877, McDowell Creek, Lewis Co, KY, USA

Bertha A. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), b. Jan 05, 1878, KY, USA, d. May 31, 1921. m W. Floyd Sexton, b. 1874, KY, USA, on Nov 02, 1895, Carter Co, KY, USA.

Child: Emma Sexton

2nd marriage of Bertha A. McGinnis to John A. Parker, b. 1882, Floyd Co, KY, USA, Jun 17, 1900, Carter Co, KY, USA

Children by 2nd husband:
Carrie Parker
Peachy Parker, abt 1907
Luluy Parker
Callie Parker
Ida Mae Parker, Nov 28, 1912
Ruth Parker
Emma Maggie Parker, Jan 16, 1915
Thomas McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), b. May 04, 1880, Lewis Co, KY, USA, d. Jun 01, 1947, m. Ida May Parker, Aug 13, 1887, d. Oct 15, 1962, on May 30, 1903, Carter Co, KY, USA.

John Henry McGinnis, August 02, 1904
Willie Bid McGinnis, December 13, 1907
Ruben McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), b. Dec 22, 1881, Carter Co, KY, USA, d. May 20, 1884, Carter Co, KY, USA

Note on Ruben McGinnis: Ruben was a farmer and also worked at Boone furnace. While serving the home guard on Tygart's Creek during the Civil War he recalled how his group once accidently shot and killed a 14 year old boy. With heavy hearts they had to bare the boy home to a sorrowful mother. In 1869 he sold his farm at Gesling with plans to join the migration west to Missouri or Arkansas. After a visit however, he changed his mind as the "fever" was rampant there and he feared for his family. Instead he and his son Bill bought another farm on McDowell Creek. In the 1850 Carter County Census records show that Ruben held real estae valued at 300.00. The 1850 census also shows that living in Ruben's household were a John McGinnis, age 73 born in Maryland and a Rebecca McGinnis, age 65 born South Carolina. Presumably, John is a brother to William McGinnis, ruben's father, making John and Rebecca, Ruben's aunt and uncle.
Finley J. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), d. Apr 05, 1950, Portsmouth, Scioto Co, OH, USA, m. Bertie Jordan, b. 1890, Carter Co, KY, USA, m on Nov 24, 1909, Carter Co, KY, USA

Goldie Gladys McGinnis, Oct 03, 1910
William Arthur McGinnis, Mar 14, 1916
David Eugene McGinnis, May 31, 1921
Marilyn Jane McGinnis, Oct 08, 1928
Norman McGinnis, Apr 20, 1933
Rebecca Caroline McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), b. Jan 19, 1885, Smith Creek, Carter Co, KY, USA, d. 1952, m. Felix Young, b.1882, Morgan Co, KY, USA. on May 02, 1904.

Stella Young
Elizabeth Lizzie Young, 1905
Bruce Young
Viola Young
Ettsal Young
William Young
Linwood Young
Lance Young, Apr 28, 1925
Felix Young, Jr.
Warren Young
William Willie McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, William J.4), May 29, 1890 Wife unknown

Wince McGinnis, Feb 19, 1909
Paul McGinnis, Jun 09, 1926
Daniel Franklin McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3) b. Sep 16, 1858, d. Sep., 1936, m. Rebecca Howard, on Sep 9, 1879,

Nancy Nannie Lucinda McGinnis, b. Sep 8 1883
Clarence Augustus McGinnis, b. Aug 5, 1886
Estella Carolina McGinnis, b. ?
Pearl McGinnis, b. Sep 16, 1891
Lola Eloise McGinnis, b. Nov 12, 1894
Ernest McGinnis, b. ?
James Everett McGinnis, b. Jul 29, 1897
Infant McGinnis

Nancy Nannie Lucinda McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, Daniel F.4), b. Sep 8, 1883, d. Aug 20, 1963, m. James Abdon

Clarence Augustus McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, Daniel F.4) b. Aug 5, 1886, m. Mary Jennette Sanford, Portsmouth, OH

Lola Eloise McGinnis (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, Daniel F 4) b. Nov 12, 1894, d. Oct 16, 1929, m. Norman Kitchen, Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH.

James Everett McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, Ruben3, Daniel F.4) b. Jul 29, 1897, Lewis Co., KY, m. Shirley Bruce, b. 1907, Lawerence Co., OH, m. on Apr 30, 1930, Greenup Co., KY
James Harvey McGinnis (Francis1, William2), b. Oct 06, 1823, Bath Co, KY, USA, d. Jan 25, 1902, Hood's Run, Greenup Co, KY, USA, m. Sarah Ann Meadows, b. Aug 22, 1830, KY, USA, d. Mar 14, 1909, Hood's Run, Greenup Co, KY, USA, on Feb 16, 1847, Greenup Co, KY.

Julia Francis McGinnis, 1852
Sophia E. McGinnis, Apr 05, 1854
Electra B. McGinnis, 1862
Cora A. McGinnis, 1864
Nora A. McGinnis, 1867
Willard McGinnis, Jun 09, 1870

Julia F. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, James Harvey3) b. 1852, m. John Breeding

Sophia E. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, James Harvey3), b. Apr 05, 1854, d. 1857

Electra B. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, James Harvey3), b 1862, m. Henry Taylor, b. 1857, KY, on Dec 23, 1875, Greenup Co, KY

Cora A. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, James Harvey3), b 1864, KY, USA, m. William J. Roberts, on Jan 04, 1886, Greenup Co, KY

Nora A. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, James Harvey3), b. 1867, m. Frank Warnock

Willard McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, James Harvey3), b. Jun 09, 1870, KY, USA, d. Oct 14, 1942. m. Clara Patton, b. Jan 12, 1874, Greenup Co, KY on Aug 03, 1890, Greenup Co, KY.

Millard S. McGinnis, Oct 08, 1891
Rachel McGinnis, Mar 07, 1825, Greenup Co, KY, d. Rock Springs, Gesling, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. Hiram Campbell, on Mar 25, 1845, Greenup Co, KY.

Mary C. Campbell, 1847
Elizabeth Campbell, 1849
Reuben Campbell, 1850
William G. Campbell, Oct 09, 1852
Cambridge Campbell, Sep 14, 1855
Rufus Campbell, 1858
All the children were born in Greenup Co., KY
David McGinnis, (Francis1, William2) b. July 24, 1829, Greenup Co, KY, d. Jan 18, 1908, Greenup Co, KY, m. Malinda Meadows, b. Apr 12, 1828, Greenup Co, KY, d. May 1857, Hood's Run, Greenup Co, KY, USA, on Dec 19, 1849, Greenup Co, KY

Notes on David McGinnis: David McGinnis and his brother Benjamin bought a tract of land up on Tygart's Creek. It was part of the Canifax land grant which extended several miles along Tygert's Creek. The upper end of the land was the best because there was more bottom land, so they drew straws for the better half and Benjamin was the winner.

The Canifax grant was an old settlement and had been well developed. A government whiskey still stood on the upper end of the property adn there was a grocery store where the whiskey was sold. Being slave owners, much farming was done. They probably raised their own corn for the still.

The slave cabins stood at the foot of the hill back of where William, son of Benjamin, would later build his home. The old rock walled spring can still be seen and still affords water. Alma Glore, in 1994, said she could remember the old rail fence that was built along the section of land where the slave cabins had stood.

Sarah Jane McGinnis, Jun 25, 1852B Edward McGinnis, Mar 19, 1854
Henderson Henry C. McGinnis, Jul 30, 1856

2nd marriage for David:
Sarah Ann Dysard, b. December 11, 1839, Greenup Co, KY, d. Jul 28, 1905, Hood's Run, Greenup Co, KY, USA, on Oct 09, 1858, Greenup Co, KY.

Alpha N. McGinnis, Aug 12, 1859
Mary Mollie E. McGinnis
Isaac Newton McGinnis, Aug 19, 1864
George William McGinnis, Nov 30, 1867
Pearl McGinnis, Jul 01, 1871

Edward McGinnis, b. Mar 19, 1854, KY, USA, d. Oct 19, 1928, Greenup Co, KY, m. Clarinda Baker, b. Aug 28, 1854, KY, USA, d. Oct 23, 1919, Greenup Co. KY, on Dec 10, 1874, Greenup Co, KY.

Lilian McGinnis, 1877
David McGinnis
Alice McGinnis
Leslie McGinnis
Lona Lonnie McGinnis
Fred McGinnis
Henderson Henry C. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, David3) b. Jul 30, 1856, m. Julia Montgomery, on Aug 08, 1880, Greenup Co, KY.

Oakes F. McGinnis, 1891

Oakes F. McGinnis, b, 1891, Scioto Co, OH, USA, d. 1955, Greenup Co, KY, m. Polly Baker Burton, b. 1888, Greenup Co, KY
Alpha N. McGinnis, b. Aug 12, 1859, m. William R. Everman, Carter Co, KY, USA, on Jan 14, 1881, Carter Co, KY, USA.

John D. Everman, 1882
William Russell Everman
Edger E. Everman, 1886

John D. Everman, (Francis1, William2, David3, Alpha4) b. 1882, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. Laura G. Ramey, b. 1887, Carter Co, KY, USA on Jan 17, 1906, Carter Co, KY, USA

Mabel Everman, 1907
Clyde T. Everman, 1914
Pansy Everman
Ruth Everman
Woodrow L. Everman, 1915
Arthur Everman
Edgar Bruce Everman, 1925
Edger E. Everman (Francis1, William2, David3, Alpha4), b. 1886, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. Ethel Zornes, b. 1890, Carter Co, KY, USA, in Carter Co, KY, USA.
Mary Mollie E. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, David3) b. KY, USA, m. George Alan Baker, on Feb 24, 1881, Carter Co., KY, USA.

William Baker, 1885

Isaac Newton McGinnis (Francis1, William2, David3), b. Aug 19, 1864, Lewis Co., KY, USA, d. 1933, m. Mildred Millie L. Warnock, b. 1868, Carter Co., KY, USA. on Dec 25, 1888, Carter Co., KY, USA.

Robert E. McGinnis, September 14, 1904
Myrtle McGinnis
Warren McGinnis

Robert E. McGinnis, (Francis1, William2, David3, Isaac4) b. Sep 14, 1904, d. Oct 02, 1981, Greenup Co., KY, m. Bernice Sperry.

Myrtle McGinnis, m. Bennett Secrets

Warren McGinnis, m. Goldie Taylor

John McGinnis, b. Feb 02, 1831, Owen Co., In., USA, d. Mar 27, 1909, m. Elizabeth J. Burtram, b. 1839, Virginia, USA, on Dec 1865, Carter Co., KY, USA.

Albert Wesley McGinnis, 1868
Allen McGinnis, 1870
India Ella McGinnis, 1872
Pinea McGinnis,1874

Albert Wesley McGinnis (Francis1, William2, John3), b. 1868, Greenup Co., KY d. October 22, 1947, Greenup Co, KY, m. Carrie Ileta Thomas

India Ella McGinnis (Francis1, William2, John3) b. 1872, KY, USA, m. Fielding Bud C. Madden, on Mar 27, 1895, Greenup Co, KY

Pinea McGinnis (Francis1, William2, John3), b. 1874, KY, USA, m. Benjamin Ruggles
Thomas McGinnis, (Francis1, William2) May 04, 1832, Owen Co., IN., USA, m. Martha Zornes, b. 1839, KY, USA, on Nov 06, 1854.

William A. McGinnis, 1855
Welthy S. McGinnis, 1860
James McGinnis, 1861
Elizabeth McGinnis, 1863
Della S. McGinnis, 1865
Louisa McGinnis, 1868

William A. McGinnis (Francis1, William2, Thomas3) b. 1855, KY, USA, m. Melvina McCall, b. 1859, KY, USA. on Jun 26, 1873, Elwood Hotel, Carter Co., KY, USA

Dora E. McGinnis, 1874
Mary M. McGinnis, Oct 15, 1875
John H. McGinnis, 1877
Sealey McGinnis, 1879
Stephen McGinnis (Francis1, William2), b. Feb 12, 1833, IN, USA, d. May 19, 1921, Greenup Co, KY, m. Ann Burch, b. 1840, KY, USA, on Jun 19, 1858, Greenup Co, KY.

Malinda A. McGinnis, 1860
John W. McGinnis, 1861
Martin B. McGinnis, 1863
Matthew D. McGinnis, 1864
Margaret McGinnis, 1867
Sobiathy McGinnis, October 1869

Martin B. McGinnis (Francis1, William2, Stephen3) 1863, Carter Co, KY, USA, m. Martha Williams, 1881, West Virginia, USA, on Nov 14, 1910, Carter Co, KY, USA
Elzey Virgin McGinnis (Francis1, William2), b. Jan 05, 1837, IN, USA, d. Jan 03, 1865, Vanceburg, Lewis Co, KY, USA,

Notes: Elzey, according to his tombstone, served in the Union Army during the Civil War in Co. K, 23rd Kentucky Infantry. He was wounded during the battle of Shiloh, by cannon fire and died, m. Eleanor Ramey, d. May 02, 1909, Missouri, USA. on June 15, 1854, Carter County, Kentucky, USA. Elzey, according to his tombstone, served in the Union Army during the Civil War in Co. K, 23rd Kentucky Infantry. He was wounded during the battle of Shiloh, by cannon fire and died. His wife adn four children later moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Elzey's name is listed on the war memorial in front of the Lewis County Courthouse at Vanceburg. According to his military records, Elzey was 5' 10" and had black eyes and black hair.

Leander J. McGinnis, Jan 30, 1856
John William McGinnis, Mar 21, 1857
Henry Newton McGinnis, Jan 12, 1859
James Harvey McGinnis, Febr 04, 1861

Last known whereabouts of the family was in St. Louis, MO where Elenor moved after the Civil War.
Caroline Anne McGinnis (Francis1, William2), b. Jan 05, 1841, IN, USA, d. Jun 25, 1900, Hood's Run, Greenup Co, KY, USA, m. Isaac Johnson, b. 1844, d. 1910, Greenup Co, KY, on Mar 17, 1862, Greenup Co, KY.

Notes on Issac Johnson: Issac Johnson's mother was Margaret Meadows Johnson sister to Catherine Meadows wife of Aaron Bush. Father unknown. He was raised by his aunt and uncle and was their only heir. Will found at the Kentucky Archives, Frankfort, KY.

Mary Agnes Johnson, 1863
Julia Francis Johnson, 1864
Symonia Inez Johnson, 1867
Charles Ellis Johnson, May 19, 1868
Effie E. Johnson, 1873
Ruby Johnson, 1874
Willard A. Johnson, 1878
Robert Ivan Johnson, Jun 22, 1880

Mary Agnes Johnson (Francis1, William2, Caroline3) b 1863, d. Sept 07, 1916, Downs-Virgin Cemetery, Greenup Co., KY, m. Archbald Artis

Julia Francis Johnson (Francis1, William2, Caroline3) b. 1864, Hood's Run, Greenup Co., KY, USA, d. Sep 07, 1916, buried Downs-Virgin Cemetery, Greenup Co., KY, m. Samuel Rezin Downs, b. 1863, Greenup Co., KY, USA in Ironton, OHo, USA.

Willard M. Downs, 1886
Eliza M. Downs, Nov 28, 1887
Lyde Downs, Apr 26, 1890
Iris Alma Downs, 1890
James Issac Downs, 1893
Reed M. Downs, 1894
Paul Norman Downs, 1900
Harvey Wayne Downs, 1907
Samuel Rezin Downs, Jr., 1910
Symonia Inez Johnson, (Francis1, William2, Caroline3) b. 1867, m. Thomas Van Bibber... last known place was Mineral Wells, TX for this family

Howard Van Bibber
Charles Ellis Johnson (Francis1, William2, Caroline3), b. May 19, 1868, Hood's Run, Greenup Co., KY, d. Apr 01, 1929, Thomas (Simpsonville), Upshur Co., TX, m. #1 Letitia Belle Eastham, b. Oldtown, Greenup Co., KY, d. 1910, Nonchalanta, Hood's Run, Greenup Co., KY, USA, at Old Town, Greenup Co., KY

Hanson Bryan Johnson, May 19, 1900, Nonchalanta, Hood's Run, Greenup Co., KY, USA, d. Feb 08, 1993, Deming, Luna Co., New Mexico, buied Hot Springs Cemetery, Truth or Consequences, Serria Co., NM, USA

Notes on Hanson Bryan Johnson: He was a doctor like his father, he was the founder of the paramedic program for Truth or Consequense, NM. Occupation: Doctor. Buried: Hot Springs Cemetery, Truth or Consequences, Serria Co., New Mexico, USA. He was dubbed the Pioneer Doctor of Serria County. There is a building that once housed the Paramedics for Serria County that was named after him. It was named after Hanson because he helped establish the first paramedic post in the county. Social Security No. 585-16-0683. Died at Membres Memorial Nursing Home, Deming, Luna Co., NM. Age 92 at death. Died of old age. Baca's Funeral Chapels, 811 S. Gold. Cremation, Death Certificate No. 00960, 355568.

No children:

#2 wife: Artie Miss Pilgrim, b. Aug 08, 1895, St. James, Stone County, AK, d. Mar 24, 1967, Woodland Hills, Los Angles Co, CA, on Nov 25, 1914, Texarkana, Texas, marriage license issued by Camp Co., TX.

Leititia Lou Johnson (my mother)
Virginia Lee Johnson (never married, no issue)
Ruby Johnson, (Francis1, William2, Caroline3) b. 1874, Hood's Run, Greenup Co., KY, USA, m. Henry Taylor, in Greenup Co., KY, USA. Last known whereabouts of this branch of the family is Nevada, USA

Caroline Taylor
Carl Taylor
Lee Taylor
Henryetta Taylor

Robert Ivan Johnson (Francis1, William2, Caroline3) b. Jun 22, 1880, Hood's Run, Greenup Co. KY, d. Nov 02, 1961, Lehi, UT, USA, m. Elvina Marie Olsen, b. Jul 21, 1889, Drammen, Norway, d. Jan 28, 1973, Provo, UT, USA.

Robert Overn Johnson
Ivan Ellis Johnson

Robert Overn Johnson, b. Goldfield, Nevada, USA, d. Denver, CO, USA, m. Eva Lenora Vernon, b. Atlantic, Iowa, USA, in Paris, France.

Stephen Michael Johnson
Lynn Michelle Johnson

Stephen Michael Johnson, b. Ft. McPherson, Atlanta, GA, USA, m. Christina Lynne von Wunder, b. Neuilles-sur-Seine, Paris, France, in Seattle, King Co, WA, USA

Lynn Michelle Johnson, b. Paris, France, m. Paul David Serfling, in Denver, CO, USA.

Mark Allen Serfling
Ivan Ellis Johnson, b. 1923, m. Martha Lenore Reiley, in First Quaker Church of San Diego, CA, USA

Robert Ivan Johnson, II
David Lawrence Johnson
Ann Marie Johnson
Allan Reiley Johnson
Nathan Ellis Johnson

Robert Ivan Johnson, II, b. UT, USA, m. Suzanne Egbert

Robert Ivan Johnson, III
Mark Benjamin Johnson
Reed Christian Johnson
Brent Reily Johnson
David Lawrence Johnson, b. UT, m. Laura Lee Neilson,
Jill Marie Johnson
David Eric Johnson
Daniel Lawrence Johnson
Tera Lee Johnson
Malinda Ann Johnson
Ann Marie Johnson, b. Idaho, m. Eugene Dale Ross, Jr.

Allison Ross
Hillary Ross
Brandon Ross
Lindsay Ross
Ashley Ross

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